Anchor Gym- PLUS Station
Anchor Gym- PLUS Station

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Our Price: $199.80

Product Code: AG-PLUS


The Anchor Gym is a modular functional training station designed to safely anchor resistance bands, large loop bands, suspension straps, stretch straps and more. It's easy to use, delivers hundreds of great exercises, and takes up zero floor space.

With eight anchoring points (from ankle height to above the head) spread over four Anchor Gym H2 units, the PLUS Configuration adds increased exercise options with a fourth H2 unit mounted at waist height. This is an ideal height for exercises using stability balls or large loop bands. In a single location, users can perform exercises using resistance bands, large loop bands, suspension straps and stretch straps.

WIth the open-faced design of its Hammer Head Safety Hook, the Anchor Gym makes transitions between exercises as easy as looping and pulling. No need for cumbersome clip hooks, carabineers or other closed-loop systems.

Made of all steel components, the Anchor Gym is a space-saving powerhouse capable of supporting up to 400 pounds of resistance per hook.

The Anchor Gym comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. See Web site "Warranty/Guarantee" or Owner's Manual for details.