5 Ways To Develop A Healthy Attitude Towards Fitness

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Despite what you might have heard, becoming fit does not mean that you have to always make life-altering sacrifices, such as missing out on important events, or living a life that is truly enjoyable and fulfilling. Yes, some sacrifices will have to be made. However, instead of seeing them as sacrifices, look at them as healthy adjustments to your life.
Approaching fitness with the wrong fitness attitude will eventually lead you to resent fitness. Whether you are new to fitness, feel stuck in a “rut”, or letting it take over your thoughts, taking a moment to acknowledge some examples of unhealthy attitudes can help you move forward and develop a positive one

5 Ways To Develop A Healthy Attitude Towards Fitness

  1. Change your definition of exercise. Some may think that exercise is using a treadmill for a certain period of time. However, these kinds of presumptions can become a barrier, making exercise much less enjoyable. Exercise is simply just moving your body, and there are many choices to choose from. If using the treadmill for a specific period of time is becoming torturous and you find yourself dreading it, think of the array of different activities that can get you moving. Whether it’s dancing to music, playing basketball, or doing a HIIT workout (high-intensity interval training) in the park, find an option that you enjoy.
  2. Allow yourself to indulge. One of the most common complaints when starting a healthier lifestyle is getting rid of “unhealthy foods” for good. Making healthier food choices most are important when trying to lose fat, however, this does not mean that you must give up your favorite foods completely. Depriving yourself of your favorite foods will only lead to you resenting fitness, and developing an unhealthy relationship with food. Depriving yourself can lead to binge eating. After binge eating, you are more likely to feel shame and guilt about your indulgences. This can become a very vicious cycle if not careful. If you’re exercising and eating healthy consistently, go ahead and indulge in your favorite foods with zero guilt. Choosing to change your lifestyle by exercising and eating healthy isn’t a one week or three-month deal, it is meant to be with us forever so that we can live healthy and fulfilling lives. With that being said, life is too short to never enjoy the pleasures of food.
  3. Change it up every once in a while. The beauty of fitness is that there is never only one way to go about exercising, there are many! Fitness leads to self-exploration, discovery, and experimenting, but only if you let it. Allow yourself to explore different forms of training. Discover a form of yoga that you enjoy, or experiment with weight training. The same goes for your diet, experiment with different eating methods until you find one that works best for you because everyone is different. Fitness is meant to be a positive component of your life, not a component that dictates your life.
  4. Don't obsess over calorie counting. It is incredibly easy for calorie counting to get out of hand when you begin to obsess over your food choices. Calorie counting does not mean that you have to or should count every single thing that you consume in a day. Calorie counting also does not mean you have to hit your exact goal or you failed the entire day. For example, if you want to consume 130 grams of protein in a day, but only reach 110grams, then it isn't a failed day because you put the effort in to try to reach that goal, which is what counts. Calorie counting best serves as a tool to help you learn about food and create daily goals to aim for.
  5. Remember how good you will feel after a workout. When feeling unmotivated or in a “rut”, remembering how good you will feel after a sweat session can help you push through a funk. Think back on the rush you got from your last workout due to exercise-related endorphins, how you felt less stressed and more clear-minded, and the good night's sleep you got that night. Use these feel-good memories as a tool to take on your workout.

The Takeaway

Building a fitness regime as well as eating healthy a majority of the time should be a positive adjustment in your life, not a way of punishing yourself. Instead of letting exercise and maintaining a healthy diet become a chore that you find yourself dreading to check off each day, find a way to move your body that you enjoy and don’t be afraid to indulge. By doing this, you will develop a healthier attitude towards fitness and find it easier to stick with your routine in the long run!