9 tips to stay active during the winter months

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Being active in the winter months can be challenging. It's easy to get outside when the weather is hot, and you want to go to the park or beach. However, when it's cold, dark, and rainy, it is not much fun to be outside. 
Yes, it can be hard to stay motivated during the winter months, but don't give up on all thoughts of staying active - indoors or outdoors. A little planning will help you get through the upcoming winter months.


Here are some ideas to help you stay active during the winter months:

1. Embrace the Cold

Your first instinct while stepping out into the cold might be - get me back inside, but you need to learn to embrace the cold rather than avoiding it. As long as you dress warm enough to be safe, exercising in the essentials can have several benefits besides burning calories.

When you expose your body to colder temperatures, multiple systems in your body are activated, including your metabolism, which generates body heat in response. When you put a workout on top, you have twice the thermal challenge that strengthens your body's immune system, musculoskeletal system, and stress response. Cold also helps regulate the thyroid gland, which adjusts the body temperature. Breathing in fresh, dry air can also improve lung capability and capacity.

2. Stay Active during the Daylight Hours

If something seizes motivation faster than a cold day, it's a cold, dark night. It is best to stay active when the sun is still out, so you will be less likely to skip exercise and always be active during those cold months. Another advantage of exercising in sunlight is that you will receive an extra dose of vitamin D. Studies have shown that vitamin D can help improve mood and reduce symptoms of depression, along with providing many other health benefits.

3. Try a Hot Yoga Class

If you're feeling sad, sluggish, or just plain unmotivated in cold weather and looking for warmth – something that could be helpful in this situation is a hot yoga class. These classes provide a way to stay energetic and flexible during the cold winter months. 

Hot yoga will burn calories and increase flexibility and strength. It can also help to decrease your stress and boost metabolism. Ask your doctor first, stay hydrated, and don't push yourself too fast, too far. And if you are a beginner, it is best to start with some regular (non-heated) yoga programs.

4. Go Out And Have Fun!

If you seem to be reluctant to do some exercise for formal sports, then tie up and go out to play. You will still burn calories, integrate your muscles, improve your heart rate, and it is more fun than a workout. Enjoy the winter wonderland by building snow angels, having a snowball fight, sledding, or even building a snowman. If there’s no snow in your area, try ice skating - an activity you can do outdoors or indoors to burn more than 450 calories per hour.

5. Try an Indoor Sport

You do not have to be a proficient athlete or even an amateur to enjoy indoor sports’ physical and mental benefits. Many sports activities, such as basketball, volleyball, swimming, and squash, are performed outside. After grasping the basics, you can take one step further by joining an existing team or getting your team together to play in a recreational league to stay active and responsible.

6. Volunteering In Active Ways

The months after the holidays are a great time to help the local and needy communities. Look for volunteer opportunities that include physical activities, such as working in a shelter or kitchen for the poor, collecting trash or garbage, packing and transporting boxes for donations, shoveling snow for elderly residents, or walking dogs.

7. Maintain a Healthy Routine

The main reason your couch seems a bit too alluring in winter is a lack of energy. Winter could make you feel lethargic or sluggish. Avoid naps in the daylight hours. To combat this, make sure you get enough sleep and follow a healthy diet throughout the year. Exercise every day and set times for regular activities. The more energetic you are, the easier it will be to stay active.

8. Work Out At Home

Let's face it - there are times when bad weather can make it impossible for you to exercise outside or even driving to the gym. But snowy weather should not be an excuse to skip exercise. Exercise at home can be a relaxing and fun way to stay on track without leaving the elements. Even if you do not have an indoor gym, you can still do full-body training - all you need is a towel.

9. Stay Motivated

Remind yourself why it is essential to stay active throughout the year-even when it is difficult to do so. If you prefer outdoor workouts, consider indoor training a great way to change your routine and train your body differently than you normally would.

Why Is Exercise So Important?

Exercise is too good for your body. Think of winter as a time to be more creative with your exercise routine. Staying on track during the winter months will make you feel even better in the summer and spring than you normally would.

Regular physical activity is important. Remember, you need at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, but it can be 10 in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening. Or an explosion of 10 minutes of life throughout the day. It’s very useful for you.


The Takeaway

While it's tempting to snuggle up in your warm bed, colder weather shouldn't be an excuse to hibernate your fitness goals. With the right attitude and work out style, winter can be an excellent time to exercise, re-invigorate your love for fitness and maintain your best winter state. And if you exercise outdoors, make sure you follow safety tips in cold weather.

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