What does the body need after a workout?

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After your work-out, your body is too drained due to the rigorous usage of energy. It is difficult for the body to work if the energy levels are not replenished within 20 minutes post workout. 

In this post, we will describe the basic components of a healthful snack that you should prefer after your workout that aids the energy consumption during work out and makes you physically active.

Dairy Products 

  • Proteins that are received from dairy items like cottage cheese, kefir, and yoghurt have the ability to repair old cells and build new ones in the muscles. 

  • A study of comparison between milk and soybean proves that proteins present in both of these substances play a role in maintaining and building muscle mass. 

  • It can be very beneficial to increase dairy intake after a diet to compensate for the energy loss during exercise.


  • Water is the basic necessity of the body during and after workout. 

  • The loss of water during workout in the form of sweat also brings out useful electrolytes and minerals with it.

  • Don’t drink water right after an exercise because your body is busy coping up with the oxygen deficiency in the body due to the continuous physical activity at that moment.


  • It is found that the yolk of the egg contains proteins and nutrients that favour the stimulation of muscle proteins after a vigorous workout.


  • Carbohydrates are the first and most important source of energy for the body. 

  • But it is important to know that not all sugars are healthy. Sweet Potatoes, grains and fruits are the primary sources of healthy sugars.

  • Having carbs-rich-food after a workout can help the body reduce the decreased immunity that happens because of energy usage.

  • Carbs can also increase the storage capacity of glucose in our body. 

Green Tea/ Herbal Tea

  • Green tea is directly derived from a plant called Camellia sinensis, whereas herbal tea is made up of dried fruits, leaves, flowers, and spices. 

  • Green tea and herbal tea are one of the efficient ways to aid the digestion of proteins and carbs in the body. 

  • Energy consumption during the process of digestion and absorption of nutrients also decreases, so with the help of green tea,


  • It is believed that fat consumption after a workout routine slows down the digestion of other nutrients, which however is not right.

  • Fats are the second greatest source of energy in our body (almost 45%)

  • Studies show that even a high fat meal hasn’t shown to inhibit the absorption of other nutrients. 

  • Consuming fats like butter, avocado, nuts, and meat may not be able to provide energy to the body as quickly as carbs, but they’re surely not harmful.


  • The consumption of protein and carb rich foods after workout can be beneficial to recover from the deficiency of energy and for the repair of broken cells.

  • Fats in a balanced workout snack is also helpful for the body as it is a major energy source of the body. 

  • However, it is advised to intake fats before workout as it takes more time to digest and absorb, so the body will be energised throughout your workout.

  • Don’t forget to balance the electrolyte loss in the body with water.