TRX Workouts With The Anchor Gym

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If you're looking for TRX core workouts you can do at home you're in the right place. Using your TRX with our Anchor Gym you'll get an incredible workout in the comfort of your own home. Grab your TRX straps, connect them to your Anchor Gym and start following our the training to get amazing results!
The Anchor Gym training equipment is portable, affordable, and highly effective. It offers a wide range of exercises for strengthening and toning.
Here are 5 exercises you can do at home with a TRX band and the Anchor Gym which will allow you to show off your abdomen this summer.
TRX workouts with the anchor gym

Anchor Gym TRX Side Planks

1. Side Planks TRX side planks are tougher to perform than normal side planks. For doing a TRX side plank, start off by adjusting the TRX straps that they are hanging down to mid-calf height. Then entangle your both feet in the loops and get into a plank position by using your hands. Roll over to your right side in a slow manner until your left leg and shoulder are directly on top of their right counterparts. Make sure that you utilize all of your torso for stabilizing yourself during the TRX side plank. Reach upward using your left hand while keeping your hips lifted. Repeat on the left side after holding for a few seconds.

TRX Pikes

2. Pikes TRX pike involves challenging torso and upper body movements. For doing a TRX pike, start off by adjusting the TRX straps such that they are hanging down to the middle of your calves. Then get in a plank position such that your feet are entangled in the loops, your hands are planted under your shoulders, and your toes are directly facing the ground. Make sure that your body is completely aligned from head to toe. Then move your legs towards your chest by lifting your torso upwards. Make sure that you keep your leg straight while performing this. After your body forms an invert V shape, hold this position for a second or two, then slowly bring your torso back to the original position.

TRX Reverse Crunches

3. Reverse Crunches Add reverse crunches to your TRX workout for engaging both of your abs. Entangle your feet in the TRX loops and bring your knees towards your arms by slowly bending them. Hold for a couple of seconds then slowly go back to plank position by extending your legs. Repeat, by bringing your knees this time towards your left elbow. Hold for a few seconds and then return to the initial position. Keep repeating this process by alternating between left and right sides.

TRX Reverse Mountain Climbers

4. Reverse Mountain Climbers For performing reverse mountain climbers, start off by laying down and facing upwards. Entangle your heels in the handles. With your palms facing down, keep your arms beside your body in a flat position. Lift your torso upward by pushing through your feet. While keeping your one leg extended, slowly bring the other knee towards your chest. Then bring your leg back to the initial position while bringing the other knee simultaneously towards your chest.

TRX In and Outs

5. In and Outs While the straps hung at mid-calf height, align your legs together in a straight position and point your toes towards the floor. Use your hip muscles for slowly spreading your legs. Then use the same muscles for bringing them back together. You can perform this exercise on your forearms for making it even more challenging.

Your Personalized Core Workout

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