Life Lessons you may benefit from with Shawn Finnegan

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Cancer survivor, Navy veteran, Fitness model, Inventor, Business owner, Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer. Sean Finnegan is all these things. He shares how all these experiences changed him for the better and how he was inspired to come up with his patented system for strength training anywhere and minimum equipment. 

He thinks it’s a model that trainers can use to set up an online training business with low upfront costs. What do you think?

Key Takeaways from the episode

  • Life lessons from a cancer survivor
  • Behind the scenes in fitness modeling
  • How you can use this system to set up an online training business
  • How stressing less has helped Sean succeed more.

What we cover in the interview;
  • Mindset and Development
  • What has been Sean’s  most successful failure.
  • What has been his biggest surprise in the industry
  • Where does he go for  personal and professional development 


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